Saturday, October 13, 2012

Color Doppler study of severe arterial stenosis

This elderly lady has long standing diabetes with severe ischemic changes including gangrene of the left foot.
Color and spectral Doppler ultrasound study shows decreased flow in the arterial tree, increasing in severity from the femoral artery down to the arterial tree of the left leg.
This is the spectral Doppler pattern we observed in the left femoral artery- The most obvious finding- loss of triphasic waveform replaced by biphasic waves with spectral broadening:

The left popliteal artery showed monophasic flow (50 to 75 % stenosis- moderate grade) with spectral broadening and mild dampening of flow:

The arteries of the left leg show marked dampening with monophasic flow. The severe degree of stenosis has caused the spectral waveform to look similar to that of venous flow (this suggests 75 to 98 % stenosis):
Left posterior tibial artery:

Left anterior tibial artery:

Left peroneal artery:

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