Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diabetic gangrene of the left foot- arterial doppler

Left femoral artery spectral doppler tracing- shows pulsus bigeminus (pairs of heartbeats with the 2nd pulse weaker than the first, followed by a long pause).
The spectral doppler trace itself shows normal waveform.

The left popliteal artery- dampened waveform- moderate stenosis

Left posterior tibial artery

Left peroneal artery

Left anterior tibial artery. All the arteries below the left knee show significant dampening of flow s/o moderately severe stenosis of the left anterior and posterior tibial arteries and peroneal artery.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interesting venous doppler of short saphenous vein

What do you think of the appearance of this vein- looked like the short saphenous vein, arising a little higher up from the popliteal vein: There was hardly any flow in the short saphenous vein:
What do you think can cause that doughnut appearance?

Varicose veins in the left calf (image above).
Answer: this is a patient of severe varicose veins of the left leg with partial thrombosis of the left short saphenous. There is a partial recanalization of the short saphenous vein (SSV) through the center of the venous thrombus- giving the Lt SSV the typical doughnut appearance. The thrombus appears as echogenic (mildly echogenic) material near the wall of the short saphenous vein. Also note the very poor to almost absent flow in the SSV.