Saturday, January 28, 2012

Incompetent perforators in a case of varicose veins:

A case of severe varicose veins in a 22 year old male patient:
Observe the to and fro flow of blood through incompetent perforators from the posterior tibial vein:

Some more perforators are seen lower down the leg arising from the posterior tibial vein:
The red color within the perforator suggests flow towards the probe (to the superficial veins of the saphenous system from the deep vein) which is abnormal.

The color Doppler ultrasound video of this case reveals the to and fro flow (superficial to deep veins and vise versa) across the incompetent perforator:

 Another perforator vein is seen with blood flow towards the transducer (seen in red color) in this color Doppler video:


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