Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Schwannoma of parotid- a rare tumor

The parotid salivary gland can sometimes yield surprises in the form of rare tumors. One such instance is a Schwannoma of the parotid gland. This tumor arises from the facial nerve as it courses through the salivary gland. Visit:
This site shows ultrasound images of this well defined facial nerve mass in the parotid. This tumor has not much literature published both online or in print, pertaining to its sonography. However, the case above of Schwannoma of the right parotid was confirmed histo-pathologically after biopsy.
On ultrasound this tumor has all the appearances of a benign well defined mass with nothing to point to its exact diagnosis, making precise diagnosis of Schwannoma of the parotid, difficult, on sonography.

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