Friday, September 10, 2010

Breast cancer with spread to lymph nodes:

3-D (3 dimensional) ultrasound image shown above, with the cancerous mass of the left breast seen seen within the breast tissue as a hypoechoic mass with irregular margins.

This ultrasound image of the left axilla shows the same patient with an enlarged hypoechoic group of lymph nodes. This suggests metastases of the carcinoma in the left breast to the axillary lymph nodes, an ominous sign.

B-mode 2 dimensional ultrasound image (above) of the same case shows a section through the carcinoma of the breast with the markedly hypoechoic mass appearing to infiltrate vertically through multiple layers of breast tissue. This is a clear hall mark of a malignant breast     mass.                                                                               
The above image shows both the carcinomatous mass in the left breast (same case) with the hypoechoic lymph node nearby, in the axilla. (All the above ultrasound images are courtesy of Dr. ravi Kadasne, MD, UAE). For more on this topic/ ultrasound study of breast cancer, visit: 

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