Monday, August 30, 2010

A calcific fibroid in the broad ligament:

                                                                                This gray scale B-mode ultrasound video clip (transabdominal imaging) of the uterus, shows a rounded mass with rim calcification to the right of the uterus. This was not sufficient to determine if the mass was uterine or ovarian in origin. Hence, I conducted a transvaginal ultrasound study of the pelvis:
                                                                                The solid, calcific, mass appears to clearly attached to the uterus along the right lateral aspect of the body of uterus, and possibly located partially within the broad ligament on the right side. Here are two more transvaginal ultrasound video clips of the same case.

                                                                                                                                                               Here is one more sonographic video clip of the same case; on probe pressure on the right ovary the ovary appears separate from the mass, which is now clearly identified as a subserous (subserosal) broad ligament fibroid.
                                                                   Abbreviations: UT= UTERUS; M= MASS (FIBROID); RT. OV = RIGHT OVARY; BL= BLADDER.

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